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Clear Seeing is Freeing

This site is about discovering another dimension within yourself so that true love, peacefulness and real freedom can actually be experienced ... regardless of your circumstances.

It's about coming to know yourself in a completely new way and finding deliverance from restlessness and mind-made suffering.

Here we share a wisdom that is timeless and known in almost all countries and cultures, but often overlooked in today's mad rush and preoccupation with things.

The Light of Consciousness To find insightful articles about how this great nondual wisdom tradition can transform your life-experience, just click on Timeless Wisdom at the top of the left menu panel or on the illuminated lamp >>>

Humanity's great wisdom tradition is made up, of course, of various sub-traditions which all contribute their special insights and modes of expression.

Christ Consciousness On this site, we also offer a menu of articles on the sub-tradion that focuses on the wisdom teachings of Jesus, just click on Inner Light at the left menu panel or on the illuminated cross >>>

Clearsight is an enterprise grounded in these wisdoms and presently, from bayside Beaumaris, Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia, offers a range of services, activities and resources that could be helpful you.

Our invitation to you throughout these pages is simply to see, understand, and relax into a whole new way of living. You can begin now to experience the wonder and transforming power of this deeper dimension of your being.

Apart from personal well-being, it is our view that the survival of civilization on our planet will depend largely on the rediscovery and uptake of humanity's great wisdom tradition in these turbulent and challenging times.

There are three ways you can help spread the timeless wisdom.First, bookmark this page. Second, tell your friends or discussion groups about this site. Third, link to this site from your homepage or links page. Thanks for visiting!