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Radical Beingness

Inner Light Arrived at his goal, the truly Awakened one is, in fact, not Christian in any ordinary sense. He has broken loose from his parent tradition and become universal, above all distinctions whatever.

But on his way there he has had a hard time of it. It's no easy task to reconcile his direct vision with his inherited faith.

His intuition of the One, his dawning identification with the One, his clear sight of that One as the Light or Emptiness within, his resulting freedom from all desire and emotion and even love for man or God, his inability to meditate in the prescribed fashion (visualising, for instance, the Passion of Christ), or to pray, or to think good thoughts, or even to think at all -- these sure evidences of his Enlightenment must at first seem to him grave spiritual defects.

To his spiritual counsellors or former co-religionists they may seem downright sinful.

All the same, it is his direct experience, his original contact with the Real -- ignored by the majority, condemned by the orthodox -- which is the heart of this religion, as of all other religions. It is what makes Christianity true.

Because he gets to the Root, becomes that nourishing Root, he becomes also the whole tree with all its leaves and fruits.

Ultimately, the (Radical), Mystic or Realised Christian has no preferences, no personal opinions.

He doesn't pick and choose among the innumerable sects and doctrines of Christianity.

Because he rests in their common Source, he is free of it all, and it is all very good indeed.

From Religions of the World: A handbook for the open-minded. by Douglas E Harding, page 68.

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