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About Pearl Sumner

Pearl is the principal of Clearsight Counselling, a practice to provide transpersonal counselling and spiritual teaching from Gurukula, the Sumner's home and center in Beaumaris, Melbourne.

She has a degree in Psychology from Murdoch University and has undertaken special training in crisis and theraputic counselling. Pearl's warm, caring and professional approach helps clients and students to become free of mind-made suffering and experience a deep sense of well-being through the awakening of conscious awareness.

Pearl was born in Glasgow, Scotland and given the name Margaret, which means, pearl ... the name by which she is now known. After immigrating to Australia with her family, Pearl married Pete in 1966 and established their first home in Melbourne. (They now have two adult children and four grandsons).

Their own experience of vision-impairment helped Pearl and Pete to understand more readily the challenges faced by others with disabilities and in 1969, they founded an aid and relief organization, now known as CBM - Australia.

Peral and DebbiePearl traveled widely with Pete speaking, singing and writing to raise funds for prevention and cure of blindness projects in developing countries.

After concluding their work with CBM, Pearl and Pete resided in Fremantle, Western Australia, for 17 years and then moved back to Melbourne in 2012.

Pearl had explored several spiritual paths when she was introduced to Eckhart Tolle's book, 'The Power of Now'. Through the teaching that came through this and Tolle's other books and recorded talks, Pearl began to experience an 'awakening' or shift in consciousness which finally led to a radical new realization of Who or What we really are and our relationship in beingness to everything else.