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Clearsight Counselling

"Your vision will become clear
when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks within, awakens."

~ Carl Jung

Benefits | Options | Inquiries and Appointments

Clearsight Counselling offers clients liberating insights into their personal situation and state of mind based largely on the research and teachings of Eckhart Tolle in his best-selling books, The Power of Now and A New Earth.

The counselling methodology followed at Clearsight is referred to as, Person-Centered Therapy (PCT), or Client-Centered Therapy or Rogerian Psychotherapy. Our services are offered in a variety of forms to suit client needs.

Through the practitioner's understanding, experience and application of PCT, attention, spaciousness and thought-free awareness arises when a client is in session and true healing and transformation becomes possible because it is then that unconditioned intelligence can operate.

Often the beliefs and stories that emerge reveal deeper feelings that may seem threatening, such as fear, grief, shame, rage, aloneness, or insecurity. As we gently and compassionately open to these feelings in the intimacy of our shared awareness, they tend to naturally release, making more energy available for joyful, spontaneous living.

The Clearsight approach to counselling is a dynamic, intimate blend of psychological insight and spiritual wisdom. It is grounded in the realisation that the true source of all healing and the lasting resolution of all problems lies in the recognition of our essential nature.

Transpersonal counselling embraces both the language of Self (our limitless essence at the level of being) and self (the personality or personal sense of self in its suffering separateness).

"...we must not forget that the analytic relationship is based on a love of truth -- that is, on a recognition of reality -- and that it precludes any kind of sham or deceit." - Freud

When, in the counselling process, a client glimpses who they really are, beyond the stories and the conditioning, besetting problems begin to lose their hold and the client naturally starts to feel happier, more peaceful, and more loving.

This new understanding or shift in consciousness also frees the client from the disturbing influence of conflicting emotions, limiting thoughts, the pain body and unhelpful behaviour patterns.

"I am your heart. I am the depth you don't listen to: in your face, from here. It had to get louder, because your beliefs block it out from there. I am you on the other side of The Work. I am the voice so covered up with beliefs that you can't hear it inside yourself. So I appear out here, in your face -- which is really inside yourself."

 ~ Byron Katie

For more background about our practice, see: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy in Today's World

Counselling can also take place by phone, talking online or by e-mail from anywhere in the world. Because there is no distance in the heart, the work can be quite intimate and deep, no matter how much distance physically separate the client and the counsellor.

Fees are charged for all counselling sessions.

Those seeking help with medical and/or psychiatric conditions should consult appropriate professionals -- see our Counselling Agreement and Disclaimer.

Australian Counselling Associiation Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits clients can expect to receive from Clearsight Counselling.

  • An understanding of how to dissolve the main causes of mind-made suffering.
  • Release from judgment, blame and guilt.
  • A greater capacity for unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Freedom from the limitations of the past.
  • Freedom from anxiety about the future.
  • A fundamental shift from the limited world of mind and ego to the awakened world of NOW.
  • An ability to be more fully present in your daily life and relationships.
  • Healing and completing your relationship with your mother and father, even if they are no longer alive.
  • An opening into true empowerment and freedom.
  • The rediscovery of inner silence, tranquil awareness and peace.
  • Awakening to clarity, truth and wisdom.

Counselling Options

In Person

Pearl Sumner offers face-to-face counselling at Bickford Court, Beaumaris (Melbourne, Victoria) where there is plenty of free parking close by.

Pearl is an experienced counseller of many years and has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She is also a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

Pearl specializes in ... Personal & Relationship issues, Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Asperger's Syndrome, Depression, Grief & Trauma, Parenting, Pre & Post Natal Issues, Spirituality / Consciousness, Suicide Concerns and Youth.

"The attainment of Wholeness requires one to stake one's Whole Being. Nothing less will do; there are no easier conditions, no substitutes, no compromises." -- Carl Jung

By Phone or Talking Online

We offer phone-counselling sessions to callers from anywhere in the world. Sessions with callers in ANY part of Australia are available simply for the cost of a local call (regardless of duration).

We find that phone sessions can be just as worthwhile as face-to-face meetings.

The contemplative mood of our work lends itself to the quiet and intimacy that arises when we attend to the inner workings of our feelings and beliefs from the vantage point of presence.

Communicating by phone is also appealing because it gives you the freedom to receive counselling in the peace and comfort of your own environment. This lets you process and savor the fruition of our work together, without needing to disturb the flow of your experience by changing your physical location. It also means you can continue to receive counselling when you are travelling.

Inquiries and Appointments

To arrange an appointment, simply phone Clearsight directly on: 03-9583-1001, or 0423 747 905, or email: pearls@iinet.net.au