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Clearsight Mentoring

Inner Light In this world of many distractions, how do you stay aligned with your deepest calling to know and live your inner truth? Pete Sumner offers spiritual mentoring in person or over the phone to support you in fulfilling this desire.

Our conditioning has created a strong tendency for us to focus on the outward world with its problems and limitations. What if you could be practically supported in discovering how to rest in, and live from, your true nature -- in all of its limitless potential and indescribable beauty?

What Pete has come to know and share is in full accord with the teachings of all those of spiritual vision. His is but another expression of the timeless wisdom that stems from the mystical vision of Unity.

Attempting to convey what he has seen, Pete offers guidance on the means to experience that vision, and how to live in this world in accordance with it.

He is a seer who has experienced the truth of which he speaks, and offers his insights and pointers to those who would follow in the footsteps of the awakened.

Pete has worked with many individuals to bring them into a direct experience of the simple truth of oneness beyond the illusion of separation.

His mentoring has brought assurance, understanding and the glad recognition of our infinite nature to a significant number of seekers after Truth from around the world.

Pete especially enjoys working with individuals in one-to-one sessions because of the greater depth and intimacy possible. These individual sessions are offered either in person or over the phone.

After a career as Mission Director and a long spiritual search, he became what could be called a seer in his late fifties and since then has helped others to relax into the clearsighted and liberating awareness of who they really are.

Here, a seer is deemed to be one who has deeply and directly experienced their unborn nature within and who can direct the attention of inquirers (with open hearts and minds) to this same ineffable Awareness within themselves. They, in turn, become seers when this Awareness is initially seen or recognised and seen in day-to-day living thereafter.

So, in this sense, the spiritual mentor is primarily an attention director, carefully directing and focusing the attention of the inquirer within, to the One Life beneath all life experience -- in the light of this sustained attention, false inhibiting concepts then dissolve enabling deeper levels of freedom, understanding, love, joy and peace to be realised.

The mentor serves as a companion and witness, someone who helps you (sometimes with questions, sometimes just by listening, sometimes by suggesting awareness exercises) to discern the divine where you might have missed it and to integrate that awareness into your relationships and daily living..

This informal spiritual companionship is characterized by a lack of structure and role definition. Meetings tend to be regular at the outset and become irregular and spontaneous once the mentee can abide in Awareness..

Whether it is for a single mentoring session or for ongoing one-to-one spiritual guidance, this is an opportunity to become grounded in the true source of love, joy and peace, especially if there is not ongoing Awareness group or other support available in your area.

If interested, you can email Pete to arrange a time for a session (which usually lasts about an hour). Please include your phone number and location in your email.

The spiritual mentoring offered at or from Gurukula is a carefully considered process of directing your attention to a fundamental fact about yourself perhaps not noticed before.

The fact, to which your attention is directed, is, that at the heart of your human self abides God, the Christ-nature, the Self, Spirit -- call It what you like. Nearer to you than your hands and feet, closer to you than your breathing, right at the very centre of all your layers, is the Source of the universe.

Surely it's worth seeing if it's true. And if it is worth seeing, it's worth living in the light of this truth -- this wonderful, astonishing, miraculous truth. It has been our experience that those who do so invariably find peace and freedom, beauty and love, inspiration and guidance.

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