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Spiritual Community

Inner Light As and in Inner Light, we believe there is today an unprecedented opportunity for building bridges between those of different faiths or ideologies, along with the huge challenge of dismantling walls of misunderstanding and prejudice that have led to isolation or disharmony in our world. We seek to play our part by cooperating with others of good will in building spiritual community based on universal principles and values.

In addition to acting as a point of contact for any wishing to connect with humanity's timeless Nondual Wisdom Tradition and the wisdom teachings of the Jesus traition in particular, Inner Light engages in spiritual education, inspiration and fellowship through its Web publications, book, CD and DVD supply activities, gatherings, seminars, workshops, and retreats.

Through these avenues, we endeavor to provide support for spiritual seekers and resources for advancing their appreciation and understanding of this timeless wisdom.

Everyone interested in the pursuit of truth through nondual wisdom is invited to explore our activities. We institute no rule other than empathy, integrity, personal responsibility, and good character, which is presumed to include voluntarily observing the laws of the land.

All traditions are honored equally as expressions of humanity's primordial wisdom. No profession of belief is required for participation.

Inner Light holds that deity is inherently ineffable. The wise point to supreme reality as the indivisible unity that may be experienced mystically as personal God, impersonal Absolute, and transpersonal Self, and as both immanent and transcendent, manifest and unmanifest, with and without attributes and qualities, and formless and with form. Timeless wisdom as the eternal religion is under the guidance of primordial Spirit and is administered through the natural leadership of the wise. External signs and symbols are unnecessary for this.

We honor all conceptions of deity and leave each free to conceive of this as they find most appropriate. We do not establish as exclusive any particular expression of doctrine, ritual, observance, or spiritual practice. Nor do we establish any particular ministry or lineage. Ministers and lineage holders of all sacred traditions are welcome to serve this fellowship as may be appropriate.

Participation in spiritual community is also not limited to any physical location. Communications technology now provides for coming together without being in the same place, and participation at a distance is also available.

Our Community

We are a group of friends with a sense of humor. As the bigger picture unfolds, we tend not to take our individual selves too seriously. We enjoy life and all it has to offer.

We rejoice in the growing awareness of our essential beingness and the subordinate place of our transitory thoughts. We rejoice in the deepening understanding of the mind, so that we can use our mind more effectively instead of being influenced by it in unhelpful ways.

We rejoice in the discoveries of science: the decoding of DNA, the new physics, modern technology, and the computer age. We rejoice in poetry, music, and dance. We rejoice in nature.

We are not dualists and follow what is generally referred to as humanity's great nondual wisdom tradition. We recognize that this wisdom tradition has been, and is today, made up of many subtraditions mainly of a mystical nature.

As emerging Christians, we inquire into and endeavor to live by the deeper or private teachings that Jesus gave or would have given to those able to receive them. We understand that the aim of Jesus' deeper teaching was bring about the recognition of the 'kingdom of God', or, 'realm of Being', within each of us.

We maintain our freedom to inquire and explore all levels of existence, unfettered by the consensus beliefs of our society and times. We do not follow beliefs or doctrines formulated in and handed down through previous centuries. Our focus is on the vital matter of spiritual awakening and staying awake, not on belief systems.

Emerging Christians are a paradox. We do not embrace beliefs or form concepts, but are deeply committed to that which moves us. We hesitate to call it God because of all the dogma and theology the word implies. That Which Is defies explanations.

We hold ourselves open for that Supreme Mystery to flower fully in us and each eternal moment. We strive to be intensely aware at all times, free from conditioning and expectations, for the Light of Consciousness cannot be achieved or coerced, only invited to reveal its wondrous presence.

Regarding the Bible and all other scriptures, we do not take them literally but recognize in them all pointers to the ultimate truth or reality. We do not consider any of them to be "the word of God" nor a final authority. We deem all to express the universal longing for God and see in them much that is of great beauty and wisdom.

We consider the scriptures to be many voices with varying degrees of consciousness expressing, with whatever they could, their vision of the universe and its source. Each the voice of its culture and times. Each colored by its political and social condition -- often tainted with fear and the effort to demonize enemies or to justify actions and the establishment of new beliefs.

We recognize and acknowledge the value of these ancient mythologies. By mythology, we mean something that, while not necessarily factual, is nevertheless true. They point not to one time and event in history but to the ever-recurrent realities of the soul. As we discover more about evolution and the universe, new meanings arise. The old mysteries, as they unravel, eternally disclose new ones to be unveiled. Therefore we can hold no beliefs -- only hypotheses; open to be discarded or changed at all times.

We reject all prejudices. We stand for the dignity of all sentient beings and their freedom to choose and inquire deeply within.

Our understanding of reality is that 'It's All God', so we are not unduly pessimistic, and see life as a great adventure. We accept whatever is at any given moment and face the future with courage and joy.


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