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Christ Saved Jesus!

by Ernie Fitzpatrick

Inner Light I know you'll probably do a double-take on that title. Doesn't Jesus have to come before Christ? Only if you're religious, yes?

'Christ' was not Jesus's last name. 'Christ' was Who/What Jesus became and that's what you, I, and all of us are to become -- Ernie, the Christ -- You, the Christ.

The mission of Jesus was to become the Christ and therefore show you and I the way!

Jesus could no more walk on water or do any of the myriad of miracles, than you or I without becoming ONE with the Father. That's the testimony of Jesus, not my speculation now. How many times did Jesus say, <i>"I of my own self can do nothing"</i>?

Jesus became consciously ONE with the Father and pleaded with us to do the same.

Jesus had his mind renewed, like you and I must, and as a result of becoming ONE with the Father, he transcended or overcame the curse of the law of gravity, cohesion, and adhesion, etc.

This is the true reality and what it means to be BORN AGAIN! The religious "born again" pain free, simple, one time act of commitment is far from what Jesus was communicating with Zacheus.

We too must come down from "our tree" of intellectualization and mind games. As long as we remain in the "John Doe" consciousness, it will be impossble to "do all things".

As long as Jesus was in his "Jesus consciousness" he was limited as you and I. But once he saw, understood, and became the Christ consciousness -- one with the Father -- "ALL things are possible".

When we finally awaken to our raison d'etre our world drastically changes. we move from a church-religious "sin management" paradigm to a life giving, Spirit directed and empowered status.

Being "being" AS the Father is the goal. I cannot do it (much at all) with my Ernie consciousness, but with the "mind of Christ", the Christ consciousness, the true reality of being born again, then, and only then are ALL THINGS POSSIBLE!

~ by Ernie Fitzpatrick, Oct 2008.

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Recognizing the Christ Within

To find the Christ consciousness that Jesus knew, all you have to do is see or recognize your essential nature.

Whoever identifies fully with his/her true nature is in Christ and one with the Infinite.

If you don’t recognize the Christ presence as your essential nature and you run around looking somewhere else for 'the Pearl of great price', you’ll never experienc Christ consciousness as Jesus did.

The truth is, there’s actually nothing to attain. You -- the real you -- already are the Christ-nature ... and have always been so.

Whoever recognizes his/her infinite and eternal beingness and identifies with That .. is That ... inseparably. Whoever doesn’t ... suffers as a mortal.

It’s only because people don’t see or recognize their Christ nature that they end up in a mind-made hell.

To awaken into the fullness of life, you have to know your Christ-nature; that is, to know that your real self was never born nor can ever die. The Christ Light or Christ Spirit or Christ Essence are all other names for your true self.

Enlightenment can only happen when the Christ-nature is recognized; otherwise enlightenment cannot happen in our case.

A person who recognizes the clear Light of Consciousness within finds The Way, even if s/he can’t read a word.

Once you really see your true nature, you find you're no longer looking at it ... amazingly, mysteriously, miraculously it is noticed you ARE That which is doing the looking, and, at the same time, That which is aware of what is being seen!

To recognize this reality is to encounter the truth that makes you free. Once you know This, you will be free indeed.

But people today don’t understand what this means. Instead of looking for the Kingdom of Heaven inside, they insist on looking outside as if they were looking for some thing.

Unless you realize your Christ-nature, you're not experiencing the truth Jesus lived and taught.

If you're spiritually awake and aware of your infinite and eternal nature, you don’t need to read scriptures nor invoke the heavens.

If you don’t see your own miraculously aware nature, you’ll never know the Christ ... even if you break your body into atoms in sacrificial devotion.

And unless you abide in Christ consciousness, all self-denial in the name of religion will be in vain.

True spiritual masters of the past and present only talk about realizing your infinite and eternal essence.

Once you see your essential nature, you are one in Christ with 'God' even if you work as a rat catcher.

Seeing through the mundane and witnessing the sublime is less than an eye-blink away. Self-realization is NOW.

The most important method, which includes all other methods, is simply noticing one's thoughts and feelings etc. from the alive awareness that is our Christ-nature.

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