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Inner Light

Here we offer articles by distinguished authors about restoring the private and innermost secret teaching of Jesus to Christianity, and understanding it in the context of humanity’s Great Nondual Wisdom Tradition.


Our Logo: The Cross and Circle of Light

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Inner Light Pointers
Inner Light E-pistle
Inner Light Fellowship
Inner Light Practice
Jesus and the other Sub-traditions
About the Gnostic Christians
Articles by Swami Abhayananda
Articles by Br. John Martin
Articles by Dr. Timothy Conway
Some Useful Books

Inner Light Pointers

The Light of Life
What is Meant by Inner Light
The Light That I Am
Beings of Light
Who or What is God?
The Infinite "I"
The Polarity Principle
Revealing Hidden Secrets
Clarifying Some Scriptures
Jesus and the Wisdom Tradition
The Infinite Christ and the Man, Jesus
Christ Saved Jesus!
Recognizing the Christ Within
Heart Consciousness
Radical Beingness
Other Perspectives

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Inner Light ePistle

About the ePistle
See the Latest Issue

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Inner Light Fellowship

Spiritual Community
Circles of Friends
Journeying and Transforming Together
Christian Connections

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Inner Light Practice

The Spiritual Path
Seven Steps to Freedom and Fulfillment
Spiritual Transformation
The Supreme Worship
Communing in the Light
What About Prayer?
True Meditation
Serving in the Light
What We Stand For

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Jesus and other Sub-traditions

Christian Advaita
Christ and Advaitic Experience
The Shaivic Christian
The Secret Tradition (academic)
The Marion & St Roamain Dialogue About Jesus

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About the Gnostic Christians

The Nondual Gnosis
The Gnosis of Light
Gnosis in the School of St. Thomas
The Gnostic Way of the Christ
Orthodoxy, Heresy & Jesus
Gnostic Insights in the Gospels
Schools of Gnostic Teaching
The Fullness of the Gospel
The Gnosis of the Light - Lamplugh
Preface to The Gnosis of the Light
The Hidden History of the Secret Church
A French Connection
Mystic Poetry by St John of the Cross

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Swami Abhayananda

The Light of God
Non-Dualism in Christianity
The Enlightenment of Jesus
Not One, Not Two
The Gift of Grace

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Br. John Martin

Fully Human - Fully Divine:
How Integral Dynamic Monotheism can transform and renew our entire Christian experience

The Three States: Duality and Non-Duality in Vedic and Biblical Traditions
What Is Man That You Remember Him?
Theism Vs Atheism
Seven Steps to Freedom and Fulfillment
You Are The Light

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Dr. Timothy Conway

Our True Self
John Scottus Eriugena

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Some Useful Books

Pete's Inner Light Library

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