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Integral Practice

Holistic transformation begins in individuals seeking true happiness and fulfillment by an intentional and consistent practice, which we refer to as Integral Practice.

The function of Integral Practice is to foster greater inner awareness in individuals so that they can be released from mind-made suffering and their inherent potential can be maximised.

We say begins because although spiritual transformation is a lifelong experience for those fortunate enough to awaken fully before the death of the body, it really only begins in earnest once there has been a radical shift of consciousness or perception regarding what is actually true about ourselves and about everything else.

This is contrary to what a lot of people think about spirituality. They think that radical spiritual awakening or the permanent shift from unconsciousness to consciousness is the end goal or apex of the spiritual journey whereas, in fact, according to all the great teachers, it is only the beginning.

For transformation to truly begin, everything has to be recognized and seen from an entirely new perspective -- your mind-made sense of self, the true Self, others, the world, and the One that embraces and essentially is everything ... and more.

Once this new kind of seeing happens (it's not really achieved), practice invariably evolves from being intentional and disciplined and becomes more natural, spontaneous and inevitable.

So Integral Practice is a name we give to the process we encourage inquirers to follow that brings participants up to, or very near the point where full spiritual awakening or the shift of consciouness can occur. It could be understood as a ripening process so that when the 'fruit' is ripe or ready, it detaches from the tree and begins to fall without effort ... pulled by gravity.

Once an inquirer has become a practitioner, so to speak, their practice, if done consistently with open heart and mind, will, in the fullness of time, enable them to detach completely from former conditioned concepts and experience this awakening or shift.

They will then find themselves drawn by a kind of divine gravity deeper and deeper into a realization of the wondrous truth of What they really are -- this is what we call spiritual or holistic transformation.

Integral Practice may include, recommended courses of reading and study, personal consultations with counsellors, mentors, teachers or spiritual directors, participation in Integral Practice group gatherings, workshops and/or retreats, friendships and service responsibilities of various kinds.

Being a bridge discipline, Integral Practice draws on all relevant resources including the core principles of our great Wisdom Tradition as well as from the arts, sciences and humanities.

In order to promote individual well-being and wholeness, timeless wisdom is integrated with the latest modern research and knowledge, particularly in the area of positive psychology.

The entire range of humankind's experience of completely unconscious behavior to fully conscious behavior is considered and helpful modes of practice determined.

Integral Practice doesn't encourage its practitioners to withdraw from the world, but to engage with it more consciously and authentically. One is in the world but no longer subscribes to its unconscious values, norms and standards.

Inner transformation among communities tends to have ripple-out effects and often engenders positive social evolution, ethical development, peace-making and greater care of the environment.

While it must be said, that in all probability, only a few of those who embark on Integral Practice go through a radical shift of consciousness and move on to the highest stage of spiritual transformation, it is still a very worthwhile practice in itself and nearly all who undertake it for any length of time testify to its beneficial efects on their life-experience.

Integral Practice Resources

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