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This is an integral site in the sense that all voices are seen to be expressions of the One and included in the mix. Some expressions are may be clearer to you than others.

Here we offer a list of the sites that we trust the most to provide a direct, compassionate and clear message.

Recommended Sites

Eckhart Tolle,
Scott Kiloby 1.
Scott Kiloby 2.
The Headless Way
Byron Katie
Tim Freke
Great Freedom 
Loch Kelly
Jeff Foster
Randall Friend
John Grevin
Timothy Conway
Rabbi Rami Shapiro
The Awakened Eye
William Samuel
Wolfgang Kopp
Swami Abhayananda
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Ramana Maharshi,
Nisargadatta Maharaj,
Nisargadatta Maharaj again,
Katie Davis

Nondual Wisdom Teacher/Mentors in Australia

'Sailor' Bob Adamson (Melbourne)
Kalyani & Peter Lawry (Melbourne)
Rosie Stave (Byron Bay)
Isaac Shapiro (Byron Bay)
Pete Sumner (Perth)
Roy Townsend (Balingup)
Isira (Sydney)

Recommended Counsellor/Therapists in Australia

Hagai Avisar (Melbourne)
Fleur Bonnin (Sydney)
Pearl Sumner (Perth)

The Deeper Teachings of Jesus

Inner Christianity -- Lee & Steven Hager
Inner Christianity -- Richard Smoley
The Christ is Not a Person -- J.C. Tefft
Center for Action & Contemplation -- Fr. Richard Rohr
Saccidananda Ashram -- Br. John Martin (aka, Swami Suhajananda)
Tess Hughes - Ireland
The Voice of Love - DavidPaul & Candace Doyle

Nondual Wisdom Tradition Blogs

The Seer
The Awakened Eye
Living Nonduality
Nonduality America
Nondual Heart Counseling
Lee & Steven Hager -- Inner Christianity
Jim Pons -- Inner Christianity

Other Recommended Sites

Center for Nondual Awareness
On Second Thought
Robin Craig Clark Non Duality Books (AU)
Non-duality Books (UK)
Atma Vicara -- Non-duality resources (USA)
The End of Seeking (Mike Graham)
The Urban Guru Cafe
The Gangaji Foundation Prison Program .
Peter & Kalyani Lawry
A Course in Consciousness
Sam Blight -- Guitarist / Composer
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