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Our True Nature

Focus on the Road

"Within you is unimaginable beauty. Your True Self is bright and shining this moment. Through the clear realisation of the truth, your Real Self will come shining through. Everyone is looking for happiness. Happiness is the unchanging truth of your Real Self. You are not the outer images that keep changing. It does not matter what is happening in your life, nothing is more powerful than the Absolute Truth of who YOU are, an Embodiment of Happiness."  ~ Robert Adams.

There is only AWARENESS -- what ancient mystics describe as non-dual, one without a second, or the "natural state."

The natural state, also called presence awareness, is so constant, so ever present, that it is as overlooked as water is by fish, or air by people.

The natural state (our real or true nature) is always with us. Indeed, presence awareness is the only reality, the only constant in our lives. It's the very basis of our existence.

The natural state is our underlying condition, or "ground of being," and it's what allows us to experience everything. But it has been largely ignored in favor of our conditioned behavior of living nearly every moment of every day from the perspective of the completely automatic, yet utterly false, reference point of "me."

Once seen as illusory, this false "self-centre," or human-made reference point, begins to recede and fade, while the natural state, a state of wholeness and oneness with all that is remains.

Regaining the seemingly lost natural state or true nature has been the goal of spiritual seekers for thousands of years.

Down through the centuries, various sages have called our real nature: Buddha-nature, Christ-within, God, I AM THAT AM, Pure Spirit, Clear Light, Tao, Brahman/Atman, Being-Awareness-Bliss, The One Bright Pearl and so on, but we shall refer to it here simply as Awareness.

The natural state of Awareness is This that is right now looking, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, thinking, intuiting.

Awareness has also manifested Itself as all these sensible/perceptible objects -- namely, the various sights, sounds, textures, smells, tastes, thoughts, memories, emotions, and psychic impulses.

Awareness is thus Who or What You Really Are and Awareness is What Everything Essentially Is.

The phenomenal universe of bodies and minds (99.9999% empty space at the subatomic level, according to physics) is the marvelous, mysterious “dream-play” of Divine Awareness.

In other words, all worlds of form (on physical and subtle levels) are the expression of formless Awareness.

All changing “things” are manifestations of the unchanging No-Thing (the transcendent Awareness/Spirit/God).

One cannot know, perceive, find or grasp Awareness as an object of experience, since Awareness is fundamentally not an object. Rather, it is the eternal Subject (one might even say: Awareness is THIS which subsumes and transcends the subject-object split).

Therefore, one can only BE Awareness, abide as THIS Awareness, remain as THIS, operate from THIS, flourish as THIS, shine as THIS Awareness.

One cannot touch or look at formless Awareness, just as a fingertip cannot touch itself or the eye cannot directly see itself. In short, though Awareness is not knowable or perceivable, It is be-able.

Everyone is always coming from pure Awareness. But not everyone is conscious of This. A kind of Divine sport, mischief or play (Sanskrit: lila) is rampant, wherein beings (who are, after all, God-in-disguise) appear to have forgotten their real nature.

They masquerade in various forms of egotism, not living in/as Divine Love. They are caught in various states of greed, aversion, shame, anger, frustration, fear, euphoria, and so forth.

How, then, does it feel to be awake to one’s real identity as Divine Awareness?

Direct experience along with the testimony of sages reveals that Divine Awareness is most authentically and gloriously being lived when the following enlightenment factors are present:

  • A sense of utter freedom and simplicity, akin to “zero-gravity”; behavior is spontaneous, free-flowing, unstuck, unfixated. One is motivated only to love and serve all beings as OneSelf.
  • No more being trapped in narrow, exclusive identifications with a petty “me” (“my” needs, roles, opinions, abilities, emotions, possessions, etc.).
  • No more felt-sense of separation between a “me over here” and a “you/it/them out there.” Rather, there is a sense of profound oneness with all beings.
  • No pulling or pushing of experience with heavy, binding likes/dislikes, attachments/aversions, greed, lust, anger, fear, disgust, hate, and so on. (Various emotions may arise from time to time, but are immediately or fairly quickly recognized as not one’s real nature but passing Divine dream-expressions, and so are dissolved in the light of Awareness.)
  • Whatever happens in the world of forms (the field of Awareness) is not resisted, but loved and appreciated as the poignant, playful expression of Spirit. And, paradoxically, there is a Divine urge within this non-resistance and sense of inherent perfection to remedy injustices, right wrongs, heal traumas, and improve conditions for all sentient beings.
  • One is quite content to just be, not driven by any restlessness or a sense of dilemma into the busy-ness of egocentric having and doing. One is deeply relaxed, living out of the peace of “deep sleep wakefulness” (as sages paradoxically call it), even in the midst of helpful actions.
  • Genuine happiness prevails, not restless giddiness: a simple bliss, not dependent on circumstances or people for fulfillment. The essence here is being clear, not "getting high."
  • Though fallible aspects of the personality may still arise, their transformation happens lightly within an overall Taoist sense of “perfection perfecting itself perfectly.”
  • One is in Love, radiant as Love, always dying into and reborn as Love in each timeless moment.

If you somehow feel that you aren’t authentically living your true nature, your real identity as Spiritual Awareness, there is nothing you as an ego-sense can really do. Spiritual realization occurs spontaneously via the Grace of Awareness, not via ego efforts.

Being in conact with or in the presence of a true sage or spiritual mentor is a big help. Enlightenment communicates itself.

"When you see the world through your mind, you see a separate and divided up world. There’s “me” and there’s everything else that’s “not me.” A scary place to live because you feel so alone, isolated, and vulnerable. There’s this sense that we want to be whole again, and thus the search to fill the void takes over our lives. "What we eventually discover is that nothing “outside” us satisfies for long. The relationships, money, possessions, accomplishments, etc. that our mind had us convinced was going to make us happy simply doesn’t. At this point, seemingly out of options, we may begin to look in the one place we haven’t really explored: our own true nature." ~ Michael Jeffreys

Sages have also given some classic messages for the ego-sense to subside, so that awakening to THIS which is “always already the case” may occur:

Just deeply relax and let go of all sense of being a thing-like “me.” Let self dissolve (“die”) into Being. Detach as undisturbed Witness from all sensations, thoughts, memories, emotions, self-images, and whatever else may be fixating you.

Whenever things arise in consciousness, just watch and let go of them, moment by moment... Empty out. Dwell as no-body, no-thing, pure Presence. Just be (and no need to get restless or make a big deal out of just being.)

Be quite simple and uncomplicated, without struggle or striving or posturing. Come from your natural depth, not the surface mind.

Remember that there's no need to become pure Awareness -- you already are THIS in your original truth -- your natural state.

Let body-mind function spontaneously according to the Divine Will, and simply abide as what you fun-damentally always are: the vast, spacious, seamless, unlimited, radiant expanse of Clear Light-Awareness.

Know that, amidst all the changing aspects of your world, you are the Changeless One that has been and will be unchangingly present throughout your life (or lifetimes).

Underlying all perceptible forms, you are the formless Awareness that is “dreaming” these forms. This Awareness is complete and unimprovable -- the pristine emptiness/fullness of Divinity.

Moreover, this Divine Self of Absolute Awareness, your real identity, is not “in the world.” No, the world is in You, it floats in Awareness like a dream.

The world is the mysterious, poignant expression of this creative Awareness, which is eternally savoring all kinds of experiences of ItSelf.

Beyond/before/during all forms and experiences, Awareness Alone Is ... right Here, the Ground of All, the Only Being -- It's all God!

May all beings awaken to this Absolute Being, this Divine Love, this Bliss, this Freedom.

 ~ From an 1990 article by Timothy Conway, Ph.D.

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Focus on the Road!

A man is learning to drive and is out in his instructor's car with the instructor sitting beside him. He has had a few lessons and is beginning to feel more confident, so the instructor tells him to drive onto the freeway. He does so, but then it starts to rain.

The rain gets heavier, so the instructor tells him to put on the windscreen-wipers.

The learner-driver turns them on, but because this is a new experience for him, he finds he is quite distracted by the wipers moving from side to side in front of him and soon the car begins to swerve from side to side on the freeway.

As they veer from side to side along the freeway, the cars behind them begin to sound their horns, so the driver says to the instructor, "I can't control the car properly with this distraction in front of me, can we pull over and stop?"

The instructor says, "No, you can't stop on the freeway -- focus on the road."

The driver says, "But I can't, the windscreen-wipers are too much of a distraction."

The instructor replied, "Just focus on the road."

The driver then begins to plead with the instructor, "Please, can we just slow the wipers down a little?"

To which the instructor replied, "No, the rain is too heavy -- focus on the road."

The driver is still distracted by the mesmerizing wipers and struggling to keep control of the car, so he says to the instructor, "Then, can I please slow down and go into the slow lane?"

But the instructor says, "No, maintain your speed and focus on the road."

The learner continued on eratically feeling very anxious and intimidated by the honking of the other cars and pleaded once more, "Please, please -- let me get off the freeway or I may cause an accident."

But the instructor again insists, "No, focus on the road."

And what happens? After a while, focusing finally occurs and the swervng ceases.

When focusing has taken place, it doesn't matter whether the windscreen-wipers are on slow speed, medium speed, or high speed, because focusing on the road has now happened.

It is the same with this inquiry. You are saying, "My mind is too busy, there are too many things going on in my life ... how can I stay in the Self?"

The instructor says, "You are the Self ... focus on the Self."

Then you say, "But how can I stay as the Self?"

 "How can I stay as the Self?" is a windscreen-wiper thought. You are the Self, focus on that only and these thoughts will not trouble you -- they will not distract you.

You think you must deal with all your thoghts and become a perfect person before you can be the Self.

But the instructor says, "You are already the Self -- focus on the Self -- abide as the Self."

An example of someone who followed this advice is the now renowned Indian spiritual teacher, Nisargadatta Maharaj.

In 1933, as a young man of humble origins and modest means, he met an instructor (guru) who told him, "You are not what you take yourself to be ..."

The instructor then gave Nisargdatta simple instructions (see above), which he followed verbatim, as he himself recounted later:

"My instuctor ordered me to attend to the sense 'I am (the Self)' and to give attention to nothing else. I just obeyed. I did not follow any particular course of breathing, or meditation, or study of scriptures. Whatever happened, I would turn away my attention from it and remain with the sense 'I am (the Self)'. It may look too simple, even crude. My only reason for doing it was that my instructor told me so. Yet it worked!"

(The impersonal Self referred to above (as distinct from the egoic or personal sense of self) is simply another term for our essential or real nature.)

~ by Mooji. To see and hear Mooji tell this modern-day parable: >Click Here

A Suggested Secret Practice

Focusing on the Road is a spiritual practice you can do anywhere at anytime and it requires no effort whatsoever. It's really just a matter of redirecting your attention.

However, as we each temporarily inhabit a form and presently live in a world of forms, we can use a form, a forefinger in fact, to remind us of what is vitally important and what isn't.

If or when you notice that your mind has gone back to its old habit of fixating on forms (thoughts, feelings, things etc), just stick your forefinger up in front of your face and briefly waggle it from side to side ... like a windscreen-wiper.

This will be a secret sign that you're refocusing on your true nature which is pure, inocent, limitless, unborn, undying, infinite and eternal.

If you live in a country area of Australia, people will think you're just shooing pesky bush-flies away from your face, but if you live anywhere else, be sensitive about where you do the 'windscreen-wiper thing' or your friends and associates may begin to think you're a bit odd.

The thing is, you can make this a fun practice to remind yourself of What we really are, and when this is fully recognized, you will, I promise, see the whole world in a new and wonderful way.

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