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Spiritual Seeing

The Single Eye |The Eye of God |The Same Eye
Seeing Beyond Form|Adya on Insight |Pearl Vision

"Seeing" Truth

The core truth of our great Wisdom Tradition -- the truth that sets us free -- is not a 'something' you might see like a light off in the darkness or a star in the night sky.

It is rather that invisible Light of Consciousness by which every 'thing' is seen or known ... including your thoughts and feelings!

It isn't any object of seeing but rather the indescribable Subject or Spirit that does the seeing or experiencing ... through each of us. We discover our real idenity is not the mind-made egoic self but That which allows us to be 'conscious of' or 'aware of' 'our' seeing, knowing and experiencing etc.

Of course, we're always seeing and experiencing things in one sense, but before the great Truth dawns on us. we think the limited, finite, time-bound 'little me' is doing it; whereas, when the Light of the great wisdom finally breaks in, it becomes perfectly clear that our body/mind/personality is, and always was, simply a vehicle for Consciousness to live through.

As Adyashanti puts it so well: "Consciousness becomes conscious; Awareness becomes aware; the pure Light (we essentially are) becomes enlightened"... in us!

The Single Eye

By Richard Lang

"When your eye is single, your whole body shall
be full of light, having no place dark." -- Jesus

How many eyes are you looking out of? Of course other people see two when they look at you, and you see two in the mirror. But how many eyes do you see from your own point of view? In this experiment I am asking you to take another completely fresh look at yourself. Perhaps you have been overlooking something both obvious and wonderful.

My experience is that I am looking out of one eye. In fact, it's not even an eye -- it's an edgeless, undivided space, a frameless, open window. From this clear window I can at this moment see my desk and computer, and beyond these things my garden. The view out from this edgeless window is of course unique to each person, and always changing. But how could the view in -- into this frameless window -- be different, or change? There is nothing here to see differently, nothing here to change.

To bring your attention to this clear window, this single eye , hold your hands out in front of you as if they were a pair of glasses you are going to put on. If you wear glasses you can take them off and hold them out instead.

You now have two holes.

Then slowly bring them towards you and put them on.

What happens to the dividing line between the two holes when you put the 'glasses' on? Doesn't it disappear, leaving one undivided, edgeless space you are looking out of?.

Observe the edge of your field of vision. Notice that you can't look directly at it. Is there a definite edge there, a clear line, or does it fade off?. Into what? Into the void? Into your single, edgeless eye?

This eye goes on and on forever, in every direction. All things are within it.

You can notice your single eye anywhere, anytime. Discover how relaxing it is to be edgeless. Here in this spacious clarity there is no tension at all. What a fantastic resource we have been overlooking.

 ~ From: Seeing Who You Really Are -- A Modern Guide to Your True Identity by Richard Lang.

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The Eye of God

 Helix NebulaThis remarkable photo taken by NASA has been described as The Eye of God , because it appears to the observer as a great celestial eye looking out from space.

The photo, in fact, depicts an astral phenomenon called the Helix Nebula . At its center is dying, Sun-like star which has ejected masses of dust and gas to form tentacle-like filaments stretching toward an outer rim composed of the same material. .

Down through the ages, the great spiritual teachers of all traditions have taught that God is not a phenomenon (a thing), but rather Numenon (no-thing). They say that this Numenon is the ground of our being and of all the trillions of forms in the universe. Though a vast Emptiness, It is capacity for everything!

When awakened in us, It is aware of Itself as our particular form and looking out through our eyes, It recognises Itself in every form it beholds. So in this sense, the seeing of God happens in and from the inner space of the Beingness that underlies and sustains our human-beingness.

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The Same Eye

By Richard Woods

 The Same EyeWhen the great Dominican mystic Meister Eckhart was first hailed into court by the heresy-hunters of the Archbishop of Cologne in 1326, one of his sayings they objected to was this famous and mysterious remark:

"The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me: my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing and one love." (From German Sermon No. 12.)

Eckhart replied by citing a famous passage from Saint Augustine about God's intimacy with us. Not that it did much good, although the objectionable passage did not make it into the final list denounced by the pope's bull of condemnation two years later and published a year after Eckhart's death. For in fact, what he was teaching was not heretical, but ancient Christian spirituality.

But the Cologne censors also objected to a similar statement in Sermon 10, which makes the point even clearer if less dramatically:

"The nearness of God and the soul makes no distinction in truth. The same knowing in which God knows Himself is the knowing of every detached spirit, and no other. The soul takes her being immediately from God . Therefore God is nearer to the soul than she is to herself,' and therefore God is in the ground of the soul with all His Godhead."

Here again, Eckhart was citing Saint Augustine on the divine intimacy. In another sermon (German Sermon 5b), he put it this way: "God's ground is my ground and my ground is God's ground."

What Eckhart is getting at in all these koan-like passages is that our union with God is so intimate that it is impossible to distinguish the Lover from the Beloved. (The implication must have upset the inquisitors deeply: then why bother to?) For Eckhart, such total union with God is both the original source of our existence and the final point of our destiny. Still, between our original unity in the eternal womb of the Godhead and our ultimate union with God , the goal of all our questing, the difference made by awareness is all-important.

In German Sermon 68, Eckhart said, beginning again with his favorite passage from Augustine,

" God is closer to me than I am to myself: my being depends on God's being near me and present to me. So God is also in a stone or a log of wood, only they do not know it. If the wood knew God and realized how close God is to it as the highest angel does, it would be as blissful as the highest angel. And so a human is more blessed than a stone or a piece of wood because she or he is aware of God and knows how close God is. And I am the more blessed, the more I realize this, and I am the less blessed, the less I know this. I am not blessed because God is in me and is near me and because I possess Him, but because I am aware of how close God is to me, and that I know God ."

Eventually, however, Eckhart insists that we must go beyond even this awareness. As long as we are aware of the difference between God and our own selves, between the "I" and the "Thou," we are not truly one. So Eckhart could say in all sincerity, as he did in Sermon 52, "I pray God to rid me of God."

Eckhart never confuses God and creatures. But he denies that union with God ultimately admits of any experienced duality of Lover and Beloved.

It is like the ecstasy of lovers gazing into each others' eyes, oblivious of anything except their love. True intercourse means forgetting any distinction between "your" joy and "my" joy, or love, or being, or presence, or anything else. Such awareness expands even beyond any awareness of "our" into an unimaginable and ineffable dimension of one-ness, what in Hindu teaching is called Sat-chit-ananda -- "being-awareness-bliss."

No wonder that Hindus think of Eckhart as a Hindu, Buddhists think of him as a Buddhist, and Sufis regard him as one of their own. He speaks the mystical language of the world's greatest lovers, those who really KNOW .

Richard Woods , O.P. is a leading authority on Meister Eckhart. He is author of many books including Eckhart's Way , a study of the life and enlightened understanding of the 14th century German mystic.

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Pearl Vision

By Satyam Nadeen

What we all are is a pure Pearl of Consciousness, God-essence, if you like, without anything possible to be added on for self-realization. But by Divine design, this Pearl, from the moment of birth onward, has been surrounded by layer after layer of conditioning.

When you view the world of appearance through the distortion of this conditioning, I call that " onion vision ." However, when the awakening happens, there is a total and complete switchover to viewing life now from the Pearl of Consciousness that you really are.

Once the full impact of Consciousness is all there is and I am not the doer hits you, you realize who you really are and who you are not. You view from the advantage of Source and not from what you have been conditioned as an onion to believe from birth.

From this profound realization flows the ramifications of this new " Pearl Vision " that will permeate every detail of your daily life. But please understand that, while you now have "Pearl Vision," you still have a lifetime of conditioned layers that need to be removed. That part is not a sudden or momentary happening.

So what "awakening" consists of is the realization that you are indeed this perfect Pearl of Consciousness; and then the "deliverance" takes over by removing each subtle layer of conditioning until only the Pearl again remains.

Satyam Nadeen is a spiritual teacher based in Atlanta and is the author of: From Onions To Pearls , and From Seekers To Finders .
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Seeing Beyond Form

By Eckhart Tolle

An encounter with a true spiritual teacher or exposure to what the wise ones simply refer to as the teaching can lead to the greatest discovery of all -- to know yourself as the still silence underneath the noise. To know yourself as That .

The completeness is already here; That out of which everything arises -- the Ground of Being is your essence, and It's here, and It's so much greater than anything that happens -- vaster -- It holds, It encompasses everything.

Coming from Being, you will perceive another person's body and mind as just a screen, as it were, behind which you can feel their true reality, as you feel yours. So, when confronted with someone else's suffering or unconscious behavior, you stay present and in touch with Being and are thus able to look beyond the form and feel the other person's radiant and pure Being through your own.

At the level of Being, all suffering is recognized as an illusion. Suffering is due to identification with form. Miracles of healing sometimes occur through this realization, by awakening Being-consciousness in others -- if they are ready.

And so gradually, you know yourself as That , not as the person, as the Consciousness Itself, and the Consciousness Itself looks.

You know It at first as the alert still attention in which you look at, say, a person. Feel the (inner) body and look with no judgement (labeling). Who is looking then? Is it you, the little person? Or, is there something greater than you looking through your eyes? Greater than you, and yet … you. There is an energy -- Consciousness Itself is looking, not the limited conditioned consciousness as the person.

If you don't know yourself as the field in which looking happens, then all you know is the form that you see (in the mirror), and the tragedy is, the form is not going to last very long.

You cannot lose yourself completely in mental or emotional forms if you allow them to be. Allow it to be as it is at this moment. You become very intelligent in that way because the Stillness is pure intelligence -- and that is only one aspect of it.

Witness the beginning of the arising of still spaciousness around the world of form -- external forms; situations and people, or inner forms; thoughts or emotions.

When the mind is still and you perceive the other person, who is perceiving? One could say, there's nobody anymore, not a person as such who is perceiving because there is no judgement or labeling. There's an energy.

When you behold people from the vantage point of presence, there is just stillness … there is a transmission of presence. And that is teaching beyond any form.

Anything you look at undergoes changes … when you place pure attention on it … specially humans … and you (the form) are not doing anything. I know for sure, though I can't tell you how, that when you give attention in that particular way -- full attention to an object or person -- that attention changes it -- It does something.

(Quantum) physicists realized this the first time they noticed that the observer who conducts the experiment, influences the experiment. The very fact that you are observing changes it. If you had a stone here and you gave it attention from presence, and afterwards, could examine its molecular structure, you would find it had changed.

Endeavour to bring the field of stillness into each interaction, each meeting, each encounter, and be there predominantly as the stillness and not as the person.

You don't have to do it in an obvious way, say for five minutes; it could just be for a few seconds … they may not even know it … there is simply a field of stillness around the perception.

It doesn't mean you cannot use your form identity when it's needed and speak, but you are there as the essence of who you actually are -- not the pseudo-self, the little 'me' -- you're there as the field of stillness in any human interaction.

Even when you say hello, there's no thought, there's just a depth. That is true healing in the deepest sense. You give them their own reality … and you haven't given anything. You reflect back to them their own reality. (deep calleth unto deep)

And when you look at the world as Consciousness , you see incredible beauty everywhere, and you see, wherever you look, there's a strange sense of, "I'm looking at myself." (You don't have to formulate these words), but there's a strange sense that everything is basically you, because everything is an expression of Consciousness in some form -- every human, every plant, every flower, every planet, every sun, is Consciousness become something temporarily.

So, when you look from a place that is deeper than your form, Consciousness looks and sees Itself in some other form. It's a beautiful sense of, wherever I look, wherever I go, I encounter myself in some other form.

In the state of presence or non-labeling, knowing other life forms as yourself is the deepest meaning of love. Indeed, the only true meaning of love is to know the other as yourself.

Transcribed and edited from Eckhart Tolle's audio/DVD album entitled, Practicing Presence , an intensive for group facilitators and health professionals, Abbotsford, Vancouver, BC. Sept, 28-30, 2001. (Tape 1)
See and hear Eckhart in Fremantle, WA.

N.B. Eckhart also speaks of the fragrance that emanates from our conscious abidance in or being present with the Unmanifest. ("the fragrance of Christ within us, an aroma to both the saved and the unsaved all around us."St Paul. 2 Cor. 2:15)

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The Impact of Sustained Insight

By Adyashanti

The sustained realization (of who or what we really are) has a profound effect on ourselves and on everything in the world around us, The more our state of consciousness is aligned with truth, the greater is the effect -- and this happens without any effort on our part to achieve something.

As soon we make any effort to produce an effect, we lapse back into a very limited state of consciousness. The beautiful thing about truth (or reality) is that it's beyond manipulation. None of us owns the truth - you can't use it. As soon as you try to use it, you're back in untruth or unconsciousness.

The direct seeing of truth has a profound impact. If you see yourself as, say, the Christ (or the Buddha, or whatever you want to call the Unmanifest ) and you see every other as the Christ, that seeing (or vision) will have more impact than anything you can ever do in your life.

You may be drawn to do certain things in order to help people or make the world a better place, but understand that your spiritual effectiveness (or lack of it) is a direct outcome of your state of consciousness -- that's really where the whole game is played out -- in the unmanifest dimension of Being.

It's amazing what happens when you actually begin to see the world populated by Christs (or Buddhas etc.) -- even if they appear to be very much other than a Christ. When you see who you really are -- when you're consciously aware the unmanifest dimension of yourself (which means you must be consciously aware of the unmanifest dimension of everybody else's Self -- because there is only one Self) -- it has a profound impact.

Over years of teaching, I've had so many people come up to me with their relationship stuff, work stuff, etc. etc. but after some had actually experienced the teaching, they were able to see that whoever they were dealing with was, in essence, the Christ. Not just as a mental concept -- not like, "I'm going to practice seeing him as the Christ," -- that doesn't work -- you either see them as a Christ or you're faking it.

Always, after these people see each person they are dealing with as the Unmanifest, as the Christ or Buddha nature, they come back and say, "I can't believe what happened. We had an amazing discussion -- this thing we never could get past, we got past -- the thing we never could work out, we worked out." Or, "We just went our own ways, and it was just as right as rain on a winter day!"

So I've observed over a long period of time, that when we can see the truth of each other and we live from that truth, moment by moment, it has a profound impact. It's magic. Just the transformative power of that kind of seeing (or vision) is what's important.

Transcribed and edited from Adyashanti's audio album entitled, To Live the Truth , . Oct. 2-3 2004 - San Rafael, CA. (Tape 4)

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