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Spiritual Teaching

Benefits From Experiencing the Teaching | How a Spiritual Teacher can help youFinding a teacher | Teaching Options

Many turn to some form of spirituality or seek counselling services out of concern for a particular stressful situation, but these individuals often come to realise that even when the concern is resolved, other stressful situations can arise if a new 'lifestyle' or mode of conscious living is not understood and practiced.

From Gurukula -- their centre in Fremantle, Western Australia -- Pete and Pearl Sumner offer pointers to the liberating truth of who we really are. This teaching, which reflects the insights and understandings of past and contemporary spiritual masters, is offered both in group settings and through personal dialogues with individual inquirers.

The aim of their teaching, which could loosely be described as a psychologically informed spirituality, is to enable the student to live fully and deeply. It offers the understanding and the practices to support a life without unnecessary struggle and difficulty, a life characterised by fulfillment and contentment.

As with most truly spiritual programs, their teaching invites the student to live in a way that both reflects and develops wisdom, love, joy, vitality, power, peace, authenticity, passion, curiosity, appreciation, stillness, pleasure, trust, gratitude, and an unperturbed engagement with what is.

This approach is amply demonstrated in their free on-line course on True Meditation and the Practice of Presence.

Furthermore, their teaching is grounded in the knowledge that these qualities are characteristic of our true and fundamental nature. They are our inherent and undying birthright.

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Benefits From Experiencing the Teaching

When an individual in a state of 'readiness' is exposed to authentic nondual spiritual teaching, understanding arises and sooner or later a radical shift of consciousness occurs which some have likened to an 'awakening'. The qualities of the shift are numerous, and seem to occur concurrently. Specific attributes include...

  • A clear and expanded way of being in which nothing needs to be added or removed from the essence of who you are.
  • Relief from limiting beliefs and burdensome emotions in the here and now.
  • "Natural meditation" -- the experience of being in a non-state of profound peace and clarity whether you're using your mind to accomplish some task or not.
  • Discovery of how our conditioned ego constantly creates suffering and the need for more, and how this debilitating proceess can be neutalized.
  • Increased awareness of how even the most subtle attachments to thoughts, feelings and sensations can disrupt the effortless unfolding of life itself.
  • Increased capacity to sustain and enjoy genuine fulfillment.
  • Connection with the unconditioned nature of the true and hitherto unrecognised Self.
  • Absorption in the present moment; the past can be remembered, and plans can be made, but without nostalgia, anxiety, or other interfering emotions.
  • An increasing zest for life and sense of humour about oneself, together with a sense of well-being and peace, unconditioned by outer circumstances -- of deep serenity and subtle bliss.
  • A sense of having a body through which one acts in space and time, but of possessing a consciousness that greatly exceeds the boundaries of ones physical form.
  • A greater capacity to remain conscious in the body, and in the present moment;
  • A diminishing of fear, including the fear of death and a freeing from guilt and despair.
  • A distancing from habitual beliefs, a willingness to look at everything as if for the first time;
  • An ability to deeply feel for or with other people, to experience compassion and benevolence toward all forms of life.
  • A natural impulse to serve and contribute to the world in a real way.

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How a Spiritual Teacher Can Help You

A spiritual teacher is, in most cases, necessary to facilitate both enlightenment and self realization. Although the spiritual director (the teacher whose role is to help the student trough the last stages of realization) appears to the student as a seemingly separate human being, he or she is knowingly established as universal consciousness. He sees  the student as his own Self.

Consciousness in the student, being recognized for what it truly is, resonates with the silent presence of the teacher. The mind of the student becomes gradually and mysteriously quiet, with or without the use of words, until the student has a glimpse of the causeless joy of his natural state. A relationship of love, freedom and friendliness that leads to the eventual spontaneous stabilization of the student in happiness and peace gets established.

A true spiritual teacher never sees himself as superior or inferior to anybody, nor does he or she take himself or anybody for a sage or an ignorant, for a spiritual teacher or a student. This impersonal attitude creates an unmistakable perfume of friendship and freedom that is a prerequisite for the success of the final stages of the self realization process.

"The ego likes to direct things and circumstances according to its wishes, but its existence is only a shadow dependent on the body-mind that projects it.

In the spiritual teacher's presence, the ego is not rejected, but the clear-sightedness the teacher conveys to the student  gradually rids him/her of the characteristics that the ego falsely appropriated. Sooner or later, this clarified ego is reabsorbed into its essence and still home-ground which is lucid presence. It only appears when called for and never again steals the light for itself.

Enlightenment is instantaneous but the mind becomes gradually clearer. The clarity of the mind brings about a relaxation from old patterns, a freeing of energy which in turn stimulates clear-sightedness. It leads us towards living free from all striving to attain something, free from the tension brought about by waiting for something to happen, expectation....

In this practical (as opposed to the theoretical) approach, there is actually no student and no teacher. If there were there could be no transmission of being, of oneness. There would only be teaching on the mental level. The student hears from her teacher that she is not the body, senses and mind so she temporarily stops emphasizing these and focuses on what she is.

After she is established in her real nature, body, senses and mind are integrated in the completeness of being and they carry with them the stamp of the teacher. There remains a current of love and friendship and gratitude for the transmission of the flame, the primordial gift." -- Jean Klein

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Finding a Teacher

Anima Pundeer suggests, you know you've found a good teacher when:

  • Your teacher will take two steps towards you when you take a step towards him or her.
  • It doesn't burn holes in your pocket when you need to see your teacher.
  • Your teacher is available to you when you need him or her.
  • You'll know intuitively that helping you is the only interest he or she has in you.
  • Your teacher will know you and see you better than you see yourself.
  • Your teacher will not build or massage your ego nor urge you to annihilate it.
  • You'll not have much argument with what your teacher has to say.
  • Your teacher will not try to give you the answer, but will point you in the direction where the answer may be found.
  • Your teacher will encourage you to walk your own path

Pete and Pearl help those they work with to develop a deeper kind of seeing or inseeing which is intuitive rather than mind-oriented. It is said, this seeing is freeing in every sense of the word.

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Teaching Options

In Company

1. ET Group Gatherings

On the first and third Saturdays of the month at 3.00pm, Pete and Pearl host a get-together at Gurukula -- their home and center in Fremantle (Western Australia) listen to videoed talks given by Eckhart Tolle, the author of the best-selling books, 'The Power of Now' and 'A New Earth'. Eckhart gives clear and practical teaching on freedom from avoidable suffering and the realization of Oneness. Short periods of silent meditation are also enjoyed at these gatherings.

2. Satsang

This is a traditional word that simply means 'association with truth'. On the second and fourth Fridays of the month at 7.30pm, Pete and Pearl conduct a satsang at Gurukula in Fremantle for fellowship, sharing and for the raising of relevant questions that attenders may have about the teaching. Sometimes, a DVD talk/satsang by a spiritual teacher such as Adyashanti may be shown.

3. By Arrangement

Peter and/or Pearl are also open to invitations to give talks or lead workshop sessions at programs arranged by others around Australia or elsewhere. Audiences large and small have appreciated their insight, humor and vibrant style of presentation.

In Person

4. At Gurukula

Inquirers can make appointments by phone or email for face-to-face mentoring and tuition with Pete or Pearl at Gurukula -- their home and center at South Fremantle (Perth -- Western Australia.) Being in the actual presence of those who are spiritually 'awake' can greatly help consciousness to arise more strongly in those seeking enlightenment or liberation.

5. By Phone

As with our counselling services, we also offer phone tutorials to those seeking spiritual guidance from anywhere in the world. During phone sessions we enjoy a subtle rhythm of speaking, listening and silence that connects our mind-streams in a relationship that transcends physical distance.

6. By Email

Email communication between a spiritual teacher and student can be very helpful to those who are unable to receive tuition in person. The fact that our e-mail answers to questions are written means that they can be printed out and reviewed time and time again, thus reenforcing the teaching program.

There is a sample question and answer page on this site so you can see what we mean.

To learn more about our approach to spiritual teaching or to discuss the possibility of becoming a student, you can phone or email Clearsight directly:61-8-9336-4737 or clearsight@peterspearls.com.au

You may also like to see our page on Some Helpful Teachers in the Great Wisdom Tradition with material on this site.