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Spiritual Transformation

Inner Light The 'path' to the ultimate understanding of truth (a full and sustained realisation of What we really are) is a process in which we undergo progressive transformation. The aspirant progresses from their previous level of consciousness to a higher one until full conseiousness is reached.

Ironically, when the final stage is reached, there is no sense of one arriving, but rather there is simply an identification AS Consciousness Itself ... presently living through the form of the aspirant.

The process of spiritual transformation involves becoming conscious of aspects of oneself of which one had been unconscious or in denial. This includes the lower as well as the higher. Spirituality deals with expanding awareness of the higher, and psycho-spirituality brings inhibitory subconscious material into the Light of Conscious, so that it can be dealt with intentionally. Both spirituality and psychospirituality are integral to the process of self-transformation.

According to timeless wisdom, spirituality brings about spiritual transformation through unfolding greater love for self and others, higher values expressed in action, and greater awareness of the potential inherent in human nature, which the wise testify is without limit. Spirituality leads to realization through increasing awareness of full consciousness as infinite.

Therefore, spirituality is essentially self-transcendence, or, seen from another perspective, Self-realization.

While spiritual transformation has higher levels of consciousness and then full consciousness as its end in view, it must also work with lower levels and what Eckhart Tolle has called, the pain-body, and eventually face and work through anything that limits the fullest expression of What we really are.

For example, spiritual transformation involves bringing to light one's limitations and weaknesses in order to overcome them consciously and intentionally. When pain-body is brought into the Light of Consciousness and held there ... it begins to dissolve and is less and less able to trouble us or those around us.

This process involves integrating one's subconscious shadow, so to speak, that manifest cognitively as hidden assumptions, affectively as attachments and aversions, and behaviorally as habit. This is the province of psychospirituality.

Psycho-spirituality, also known as transpersonal counselling, is distinct from clinical psychology and psychotherapy. It does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental imbalance or emotional dysfunction, which are properly the province of licensed health professionals.

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Journeying and Transforming Together

Those who journey in company with others, which is most, also undergo transformation as a group whose members are continually growing spiritually. Hence, the pursuit of truth through the practice of the great wisdom is an ever dynamic unfolding, in which appreciation of this wisdom is constantly deepening as one's ability to experience it increases.

We acknowledge ongoing spiritual transformation as a key fundamental on the spiritual journey. Accordingly, we seek to maximize conditions that facilitate positive change as well as to minimize conditions that inhibit growth. We do this by constantly adapting ourselves to change, conceiving our fellowship as a channel with ever widening interior banks instead of as a fixed repository for that which has been received from without.

Most are already aware from experience that institutions which do not acknowledge ongoing spiritual transformation as a key fundamental often restrict the growth of their members inadvertently. Many institutions, organizations, and groups seek to preserve what they received by canonizing some intellectual interpretation or behavioral form of it as absolute, either through decree or social pressure, instead of making timeless wisdom applicable to changing circumstances by fitting it to emerging needs.

Dogma crystallizes doctrine, stifling the spirit of a once vital teaching. Fixed rubric freezes ritual, isolating it from the heart. Injunctions render observance rigid, making their performance mechanical. A once vital tradition degenerates into mere convention. When its spiritual meaning and purpose are overshadowed by such superficiality, so that the timeless wisdom that underlies it gets lost to view. This is the plight of most normative religions today. In the end, vested interests turn institutional religion into a business.

We acknowledge that the only way spiritual truths can be preserved is in their true home, the heart, and that this is only accomplished by renewing them through experience.

We recognize that our spiritual strength lies in being open to transcendence, and we welcome change as the necessary for growth. Hence, we do not attempt to pursue truth on the basis of any fixed creed, dogma, rubric, or injunctions, and we leave all free to come to their own conclusions, form their own associations, and adopt any course they deem most appropriate.

The environment for pursuing truth as nondual wisdom (the Gnosis of Light) is therefore important. We strive to create an atmosphere supportive of self-transformation that is free from arbitrary restriction. Hence, we seek to be open and supportive rather than closed and judgmental.

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